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8th February 2017 (By Abhay Sengar)

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Febraury 8th 2017

By Abhay Sengar

We all were so fresh, energetic and excited, it was our day two of training at Sariska, even though training officially started at 5th of Feb, that place was having very soothing vibes, giving all best environment to learn and explore. The day started with a lecture of Dr Bilal, it was about the aspects which cover the various ecological, behaviours and biological aspects of wild fauna, it was more over a great conversation, exchange of ideas and thoughts, which lighten up the eyes about various facts of wildlife.

With continuation of the class after the superb and tasty lunch; I must make a note of this food at Sariska was so yummy and delicious, I should be back to our serious task, it was about 3:00 pm we all gathered at the front of palace, jeeps were ready for us to board….. we jumped up into our rides and moved to the field, gathered at a point and we were ready for sign survey and learn about the behavior ecology of wild animals, we were moving on foot with our tutor’s Dr Parag Nigam and Dr Bilal Habib, Prof. Anna. along the superb young researchers of WII (Dr B.Navnethan, Dev, Palavi and Shivam). Forest is full of information, every small thing there can give you something, and that’s because of the diversity, we had an amazing practical session and moved back to palace pockets full of information. All the participants of IWAH 2017 have come from different places so it was needed to know about each other, we all gathered in lecture hall this session of introduction was organized and supervised by Alex and Prof. Anna, I personally liked this session of intro, we came to know more about each other and it was very much enjoying so with this happy note of lots of learning we all moved to have dinner and then to our respected rooms with the excitement for next day.