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Favourite Moment 2018 (Laura Wessman)

By 22nd February 2017May 25th, 2018No Comments

22nd February

by Laura Wessman

I would struggle to name any one particular day as my favourite one; each day taught me something new, be it in the form of an interesting lecture, a field exercise in the park or even just an eye-opening chat with a fellow student or tutor.  The range of subjects and practicals we went through was very impressive, and the level of expertise, both of the tutors and the participants made the course especially worthwhile.

Fun social events, early morning drives in the open jeeps, friendly cricket matches and swims in the freezing pool ensured that there were many opportunities for bonding with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Since the course, we have all stayed in touch and continued to share our experiences with each other.

Very well organised and useful course, highly recommended!