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Favourite Moment 2018 (Ricko Laino Jaya)

By 22nd February 2017March 8th, 2018No Comments

22nd February

by Ricko Laino Jaya

I think I would say every single day of course since day 1 is my favourite day. If I have to pick one, then I choose 21th February as a memorable day, when all student has to deliver their presentation to other student and tutor.

I could see in the leading days before everyone put their best effort in order to make the best presentation. The presentation was a part of the assessment and we had to compete with other students to have the best marking. This did not mean everyone worked only for themselves, we all helped each other. Other students helped with the material, presentation layout, presentation time training I myself got help from Nicola and Ben Davidson to ‘repair’ my grammar on my presentation. Also on the night before the presentation, Ali, Ruth, Pannendra, Angie, Animesh and I made ‘time’ training in our room. It’s not only to see how much the time we need talk about presentation, it’s also morally supported by our colleague. As the result, all of us has bold and confident for the presentation.