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Favourite Moment 2018 (By Ali Madad Rajabi)

By 22nd February 2017March 8th, 2018No Comments

22nd February

by Ali Madad Rajabi

I’d like to say thanks for an excellent and wonderful three-week course, It was really great opportunity to participate in Intervention in Wild Animal Health Field course, I really appreciated all the time and effort which went into organizing such a highly professional field course. I found the course and material were very good, a lot of very helpful information was packed into the training.

I have lots memory for the IWAH course, and most memorable was visiting Pandupole Temple where the monkeys were jumping around us in trash-bins to get something to eat and at the same time were sharing the water resource. It is a form of contact between wildlife and human interface, which could pose the threat of disease transmission and spreading of infectious agents very easily. Also, I have great memories and experiences from the chemical immobilization, handling and sampling of Chital and Samber.

Once again thank you to all the tutors and organizer of the course and all the participants who presented different topics, I was able to learn a lot from them. Finally, it was a great time during the three-week course that we meet and work together, lots of fun and load of memory from this course and made some amazing friends.