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29th January 2020 – (by Parbat Thapa)

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29th January

by Parbat Thapa

The day started with pleasant sounds of birds in the morning in Sariska Palace Resort. I was very curious about the course and it was like a dream for me to join the course through all respective and well-trained tutors in wildlife. We had breakfast and in the lecture we learnt many things about Sariska Tiger Reserve and had a brief about Wildlife Institute of India and its activities. There was a lecture on biodiversity conservation in India and then we had a very good afternoon cricket match involving all the participants and staff.

Then we went into Sariska Tiger Reserve and saw many animals roaming about the forest, and we were taught about reintroduction of Tigers in Sariska. There was a movie titled Tiger Dynasty which was based on a female tiger and its reintroduction, this was played to us int eh evening in Queens Corner where our rooms were based. Overall we had a wonderful day with lots of knowledge, fun and information.