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22nd March 2021 – (by Subodh Kumar)

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22nd March

by Subodh Kumar

Today, we dealt with the routine and gathered at the lawn with our course tutor Dr Parag Nigam, Dr Bilal Habib, Dr Bivash Pandav and his team at 6:30 in the morning. They taught and introduced us to the equipment used in line transect i.e. Range finder, Compass, Binocular etc. All ten participants were grouped into three separate teams with a team leader. I was fortunate to gain knowledge about line transect under the supervision of Dr Bivash Pandav. All the data were recorded and entered in the format which was earlier provided.

We were again assembled in the lecture theatre after a short quiz about the accuracy of estimation of distance by Dr Habib. We all were very excited to take part in the quiz. Again, we assembled in the lecture theatre for a lecture of Dr Habib and Dr Pandav about camera trapping. After a lunch break, we were rushed to set up a camera trap to know the behavioural pattern and biodiversity of STR. It was my first experience in the raining in the forest. After setting up of camera trap by the five different groups, it was a delight to see the park after a downpour that cleaned and freshened the atmosphere. The earthy smell brought a breath of fresh air and made the atmosphere vibrant.

We enjoyed the safari with DFO, STR, Course tutors, Dr Ankush Dubey, Miss Akanksha, PhD scholar and lovely colleagues. Under the supervision of dynamic course coordinator Dr Parag Nigam…it was a great opportunity to interact with Dr Rajesh Gopal, Former MS, NTCA and Secretary-General GTF and he shared his experiences in wildlife and given a bunch of blessings for our future career.

And… the last session ended with ….a grey film Tiger Dynasty

Thanks, team IWAH and thanks team Sariska Tiger Reserve.

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