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26th March 2021 – (by Neeraj Narayan)

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26th March

by Neeraj Narayan

A Very Good Morning from the Serenity of Sariska, Today the Day 06th of our applied learning is all about investigative and forensic Wildlife studies. After the morning assembly at 06:30 a.m, the interactive learning started at 07:00 a.m under the able guidance of WII Forensic Science Lab Head Dr Sandeep Gupta and the chief technical officer Mr C P Sharma. The Sunrise session progressed as our inquisitiveness about the art of identification and differentiation of the Wildlife body parts. Even with our naked eyes, we learnt the methods of prima facie detection and differentiation between the different Wildlife Skulls, Skins, Bones, Hairs and much other illegal wildlife trade stuff. Dr Nigam very much clarified the applied methodology of the height and weight measurements of the elephants in a Conflict situation at the field level. We all were very much satisfying our instincts of the art of the identification tricks and applied the methodology to be used as a weapon against the global challenge of the Wildlife trade.

The afternoon session well progressed with the insights provided by Dr Gupta in reference to different Wildlife crime detection case studies and the applied methodology used to timely and accurately crack on those cases to a logical end. In the evening session, we all dealt with the different Wildlife Crime Scenes created as the assigned group tasks and represented at the field level. With our earlier Hands-on experience and the Vision and Power of the knowledge of the Wildlife tools and methodology to detect and decide, we effectively dealt with the created crime scenes and came out with logical findings. Latter and before we call off the day we argued our group assignment case in a replica of the court of Law of Hon’ble Dr Nigam and we all were able to get the forest custody for the accused.

Yes, it was an extensive more than 12 hrs of great hands-on learning experience today that ended in a great sense of accomplishment and content for each of the participants in the splendour of Sariska.

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