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29th March 2021 – (by Neeraj Narayan)

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29th March

by Neeraj Narayan

Celebrating Festival of Colours- The Holi.
A beautiful Morning started with all of the Course Participants and faculty getting together for celebrating the festival of Colours. Pink, Blue, Green, yellow, purple all the Colours all around us.

The traditional Holi Songs and Drums enchanted the Air all around. Sh Prabhat Gupta, Chief Wildlife Warden, Bihar joined as the Colourful festive progressed. Every single colour in the air signified our commitment to togetherness and victory over evils for the welfare and wellbeing of Humanity and mother nature. The afternoon was a Hangover time. Now Evening is approaching as we are staging near the second part of the colour festival celebration. We gathered at 08:00 PM at the happening centre stage of the Sariska Palace for expressing our hidden talents and the Course Dinner. The Anchor of the Show our respected Dr Nigam expressed heartening poetry to start off the Show. It was a Singing/ poetry Competition event between Team WII vs Team of the State of Bihar.

One after the other We all came to the centre stage and expressed our feelings in beautiful words of poetry and songs. It was a very close competition progressing until the game changer of the event and the team leader of the State of Bihar, our respected CWLW took over the stage with two evergreen great songs of all era. Dr A B Shrivastava went back to remember his childhood days and made a comeback for the Team WII. It was one after the other melodious music and songs by the Participants and the facilities. In the end the spirit of the festivities of the Holi celebrations Won the event. Finally this Holi away from our families we were within a family, a Vibrant and Colourful Wildlife fraternity family on the occasion of the colour festival.

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