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30th March 2021 – (by Bikram Kumar)

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30th March

by Bikram Kumar

Day 10th of the training started with interesting use of Bisleri water for our morning duties as some temporary electrical fault led to non-filling of the water tank that resumed after some time. On a lighter note, we learnt how to manage the life in the desert with limited supplies.

Dr Parag Nigam our lead tutor with Dr Ankush Dubey prepared for field class in the lawns during early morning hours. The session was aimed at planning capture operation. It was amazing to see the energy of tutors as they prepared for the class and provided inputs. We were briefed about how to manage different field situations and managing wild animals in distress through effective use of capture techniques. Sh Prabhat Gupta, CWLW Bihar and Sh DVS Khati, former PCCF &CWLW, Uttarakhand joined briefly. We presented our capture plans in front of them. The session continued and included discussions on planning, preparedness for safe and effective capture, demonstration of capture equipment, post immobilization emergencies and their management.

Post lunch session was in the nearby forest area aimed at dart preparation and mock drill of animal darting. Various types of dart, projectors and gadgets were shown and we had the opportunity to prepare darts individually and practice with remote drug delivery systems. Dr Parag Nigam, Dr A. B Srivastava along with Dr Dubey helped us in carrying out the practicals. After getting the basic ideas of different types of darting projectors, syringe, needle, canulas, sleeves etc, the practical session started.
The practical session was very interesting, as we were taught how to dart wildlife animals with a syringe projector under different situations. Darting with a blowpipe was quite interesting. Two different scenario depicting real-time darting situations were created and provided great learning.

The session ended with an interesting game where we were supposed to communicate in sign language. The exercise was quite informative and interesting as we learnt how to communicate. The original message could get distorted while passing from one person to another person. The exercise highlighted the proper way of communication and team spirit. A great day full of learning with a dash of enjoyment

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