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2nd April 2022 – by Dr Archana Saraf

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2nd April

by Dr Archana Saraf

We started our day in the morning with fresh energy, all set to imbibe the information which will be provided to us. It started with Dr. Sandeep Gupta giving us detailed account of wildlife forensics where he explained about various illegal wildlife trade, molecular research and relevant sampling. We then had a practical aspect by Mr. C. P Sharma as to how to identify various wildlife articles based on morphology. Different types of wildlife articles including bone, antlers, ivory, rhino horn, skin, teeth, claws and their finished products were displayed and identification of each was done. It was an amazing session as we also got to learn how to differentiate between real and artificial products as well. After the sessions we had our lunch which included the main course with an additional dish of Rajasthan called ‘Dal Bati Churma’. Due to bright, sunny and extremely hot weather our evening session started where four different mock crime scenes were created. We were divided into four groups and each group was allotted one crime scene. During the session the tutors explained how to investigate and what are the fundamental aspects related to veterinary as well as the investigating officer. Further each group was allowed to present their individual case in front of all and discussions were held. Every detail of wildlife field investigation including evidence collection, processing, reporting and what all are the challenges faced by wildlife management manager was explained. It was a great learning… Great day

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