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4th April 2022 – by Dr Ashish Kumar

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4th April

by Dr Ashish Kumar

Day 8th of this course was a little bit relaxing because of no morning field activity. So all participants woke up late and after getting ready, we went straight to the restaurant for breakfast. Today’s day started with lecture of Dr. Randeep singh from Amity University on non-invasive techniques of population estimation. These techniques included camera traps, pug marks, hair samples and scat samples. He also explained nicely on how different data of camera trap should be sorted in MS-Excel sheet and then how to import this data to density programme and finally how to analyze it.

The next lecture was taken by former Director of School of Wildlife Forensic and Health ( SWFH) NDVSU Jabalpur( M.P ), Dr. A.B Shrivastava. He taught us about postmortem lesions and organ changes in different necropsy cases in wildlife. He also shared his age-old experiences of wildlife health management and forensics. The evening session was again taken by Dr. A.B Shrivastava, wherein he told us about the best method and practices of sample collection in field conditions and also about the vetro legal aspects of these samples. After tea break, a very informative session was conducted by Dr. Parag Nigam sir. He shared his field experience and various cases about different health conditions of elephants and their management. At about 8.30 p.m, all participants assembled in the lawn area of Sariska palace to celebrate the Sarhul festival of tribal communities of Jharkhand organised by our jharkhandi course mates. Our day ended with this really nice experience which will remain in our memories forever.

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