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26th February 2024 – by Dr Hamza Nadeem

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26th February

by Dr Hamza Nadeem

A Bittersweet farewell:

As the sun rose on the final day of our wildlife conservation course, a mixture of emotions filled my heart. Excitement for the day ahead mingled with a heavy sense of impending farewell. Stepping out I found my fellow participants at Queen’s Corner, diligently preparing for the day’s presentations. With a few last-minute adjustments to my own, I rushed to the main palace for breakfast followed by the presentations at 9am.

It marked the beginning of a day filled with enlightening presentations. From diseases plaguing endangered species to innovative management strategies for captive populations, each topic illuminated new facets of conservation. We delved into discussions on emerging concepts like eDNA and the repercussions of human littering, spurred on by the curious inquiries of both peers and examiners.

As the clock struck 1 pm, we gathered for our final lunch, reminiscing on the friendships made over the past sixteen days. What had begun as a gathering of strangers had blossomed into a tightly-knit family, united by our shared passion for wildlife conservation. The days had flown by unnoticed.

Returned back to the lecture hall for the afternoon session at 2pm which got over by around 3, after which I wandered around The Sariska Palace. Each corner held memories: from the quiet walks to the restaurant to the frantic dashes to lecture hall, from the Macaque menace at the terrace to quiet moments by the tree at the Queen’s corner. Every memory felt precious.

The Valedictory function at 6 pm marked the culmination of our journey. Dr. Parag Nigam’s warm welcome set the stage for heartfelt speeches from our esteemed Chief Guest and tutors. As presentations showcased highlights from our time together, a wave of nostalgia washed over me, mingled with pride for all we had accomplished.

After the Certificate distribution, a special prize distribution was arranged, celebrating the unique talents and contributions of the participants. Then, with a mix of anticipation and reluctance, we prepared for the evening’s festivities. Traditional Rajasthani dance and music filled the air, a vibrant tribute to the rich heritage of the region.

As the night wore on, laughter and music filled the air. We danced and reveled, savoring every moment, acutely aware of the fleeting nature of time. Our final dinner together, tinged with sadness, served as a reminder of the bonds we had forged and the memories we would carry with us.

Returning to our rooms, we exchanged bittersweet goodbyes, knowing that the morning would bring farewell. Yet, as I settled into bed, a sense of contentment filled my heart. In the company of remarkable friends and the newfound knowledge, I felt ready to embark on the next chapter of my journey in wildlife conservation.

As I pen these words, the memories of our final day linger, remembering the profound impact of our shared experiences. Though our time together may have drawn to a close, the lessons learned and friendships forged will endure, guiding us as we continue our efforts to safeguard the wonders of the natural world.

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