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22nd February 2024 – by Dr Rebeca Grande Gómez

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22nd February

by Dr Rebeca Grande Gómez

Today it has been one of the most fun days in the course. We started with a tea in Queen’s Corner at 7 am and then we continued with an amazing breakfast in the restaurant.

After it, we attended some lectures in the lecture room about wildlife restraint and anaesthesia, monitoring, emergencies, and human safety in these situations. With all the theory learnt and fresh in our minds we were divided into four groups and started the best part of the day: the practical! We have been instructed in procedure planning and induction, remote delivery systems, equipment, and monitoring in four different stations with the best experts of the course. We have enjoyed charging darts, planning wildlife anaesthesia and monitoring in imaginary scenarios in the field, and of course, practicing our aim in tiger-shaped targets hidden in the bush and stuffed toys.

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