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14th February 2017 (by Ravikant Kobragade)

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14th February

by Ravikant Kobragade

The morning session was conducted and delivered a lecture on “Disease Outbreak Investigation in free living wild animals “by Dr Tony Sainsbury.

The lecture was very informative and thought provoking regarding the diagnosis, identification of disease in free living wild animals. If implicated in the true sense of the lecture, it will go a very long way in disease eradication.

After the lecture, the participants were divided into 5 groups, all groups were assigned a single topic i.e., “Importance of wildlife diseases  investigation “ for presentation and  come up will most important facts from all groups via intergroup discussion.

At the end of presentations, all participant of training gathered for an official group photo shoot.

Post lunch session, it was to undertake the field exercise in disease investigation under field condition.

The participants remains as par the morning groups. In the field exercise, all participants noted the various imaginary specimens of wild animals, the specimens were marked dead, alive, sex, various stages of clinical signs and other parameters. Following the information gathering all groups analyzed their findings.

Dr Sainsbury then initiated a inter group discccusion on the field findings and a possible diagnosis was concluded.

The entire exercise gave an in-depth knowledge on information gathering, analysis and conclusion of free living wild animals.

In the evening session, Dr Sainsbury very nicely illustrated “the planning for pathological examination of free living wild animals “which will definitely helpful in field.

So at the end of Day, we all got the details about the tools and techniques while dealing in free living wild animal disease investigation.