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8th February 2020 – (by Shiva Sawmy)

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8th February

by Shiva Sawmy

After spending my day off exploring the amazing city of Jaipur on the eve, I woke up this morning even more excited, as today marked the start of lectures and practicals on “Best Practice Wild Animal Restraint and Anaesthesia Techniques”. Undeniably, this is the part of the course I had been looking forward to the most as I am really interested in chemical immobilisation and anaesthesia of wild animals.

Following an early breakfast, the first half of the day consisted of lectures about chemical immobilisation and anaesthesia in various species by Dr Amanda Guthrie. At midday, we were split into 4 groups and spent the day rotating at the following practical stations: Remote Delivery System equipment, Monitoring, Recovery & Emergencies, Procedure Planning & Induction and Remote Delivery System Practice. The lectures and practicals were invaluable in preparing us for the actual capture and restraint of wild animals in the field the following day and in the future. Moreover, the tutors were all very friendly and approachable, and I thoroughly enjoyed the darting practice on the ‘fake’ tiger.

We all finished the day full of excitement about tomorrow’s field trip but also feeling grateful for the time and effort the tutors had invested in teaching us throughout the day and as a result felt better prepared to deal with any complications or emergencies if they were they to arise.