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24th March 2021 – (by Amit Kumar)

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24th March

by Amit Kumar

After early morning tea with baked savouries, we headed for the last day of transect walk (Triplicate). The early morning sun with a cool breeze and the walk-in wilderness was amazing. Sambar, Cheetal, wild pigs, peafowl booming the jungle was a delight to watch.

Data were recorded and entered into the given format. We again assembled in the lecture theatre at 10:00 am with a talk by Dr Bilal on advances in radio telemetry and its application in disease ecology. The knowledge about basic CAPTURE software impressed us a lot.

After tea break, a session on the application of modern technology in wildlife conservation was held. He explained to us the uses of radio collar and their possible effects on wild animals. It was interesting to see the video of a tigress who is searching her radio collar after it was dropped off remotely.

In the evening around 2.30 pm, we went on a jungle safari, visited pandupol temple. While returning from the temple we received a message about the location of a tiger. We rushed to the location of the tiger with great excitement. It was our first chance to see the tiger directly in the jungle. Finally, we came back to Sariska Palace with everlasting memories in our soul. It was really wonderful day of IWAH training at Sariska. The training program is the only possible way to learn and interact with all tutor and share experiences when compared to online classes.
Late evening the day of training was ended with a nice movie on the lawn.

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